Operation: BloodFire

Operation: BloodFire | The Apocalypse Order

From urban concrete wasteland to lush green wilderness, on open seas and on snow-capped mountaintops, the call rings out. At burn pits and in mud bogs, in bars and at bonfires, blood boils with the fire of the wild as you hear the call of the great Operation, come once again to set alight the soul of man, woman, and all our kith and kin. All civilizations falls, and we fight for a final end to crumbling Empire!


Since the dawn of time, each human has fought for one singular right -- the right to live free and die nobly, standing upon his own two feet and never groveling at the feet of tyrants. The time has come once again to save the world from the grip of Control, to wrest from the feeble hands of the elite the reins of our destiny before they drive us down the path of eternal damnation, a fiery death at the hands of our loathsome "leaders" around the world.


Operation: BloodFire is a war cry, a call to battle to put an end to your mediocre life and to relight your soul aflame. It's a call to get off your ass and quit participating in this pitiable system they call "society" and "civilization", to reacclimate your animal spirit to the wilds around you and to reclaim the world that is being taken, acre by acre, from humanity and given to the soulless corporate elite of this sick, cancerous system.


We rise, with blood on our fists and in our teeth and fire pumping through our hearts to seize control of our minds, our bodies, and our souls -- indeed, of our very lives. The Tribe of Blood and Fire rejects the propaganda poured into our minds through mindless-mass-media, we reject the corporate oligarchs and the vapid puppets they've elected to "lead" us down this dark death spiral to a world devoid of human life. In crumbling warehouse ruins and self-made garage gyms we feed our hearts and muscles, sacrificing pain at the altars of Blood and Fire to rebuild our bodies in the images of pagan gods and tribal monsters. Around bonfires we gather to celebrate the rebirth of the tribal human spirit, to give honor to the beauty and power our evolutionary past has bestowed upon us as we sharpen mind, soul, and body like weapons of war. In Darkness, we rebuild the horde so that we might kill their guides and slaughter their monsters to replace them with… ourselves.


Our swamp witches and eso-terrorists weave magick with words to relight the flame of Fallen Man, to rekindle the dangerous, blinding light of the spirit of liberty, and to bring death to rotting empire at last. With blood on our fists and fire in our eyes, we rise, eternal like hydra, to give life back to man and adventure back to our sullen, grey empire of nothing.