A package arrived, but it didn't include my entire order. What gives?
In order to maintain low prices and limit our overhead, The Apocalypse Order makes use of several quality manufacturing and fulfillment partners to ensure that you receive high-quality products in a timely manner. We also wanted to provide you with a wide range of product options. Given the new nature of our business, it is impossible to warehouse all of the products we sell in the facility we currently have. You may notice that your order arrives in two or more packages, but you will certainly receive your entire order. This is one of the reasons we've gone to great pains to ensure that none of our domestic orders have to pay for shipping, and international shipping is kept as low as possible while still remaining competitive with other brands in our niche. 

Should you run into any problems, we'd be happy to help you sort it out quickly and ensure your satisfaction. In these rare instances, feel free to contact us at support@theapocalypseorder.com and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

My package is taking a long time to ship, is there a problem?
Apocalypse products ship from various locations around the country and, in some cases (such as all-over prints, dresses, leggings, etc.) are handmade as they are ordered. In most cases, products are shipped within a few business days of placing your order. Sometimes, however, they can take up to three weeks for handmade products or back-ordered products. 

You know you're going to Hell, right?
We've made our peace with how we live. Our deal with the Dark Lord ensures we'll be quite comfortable in the Abyss.

Are you going to sell [insert product here]? Can we get [X product] without "Godless | Lawless"?
We're currently working to create a product line that reflects our lifestyle and the lifestyle of our target market. That said, we do understand that some people in our target market aren't as open about their religious or political leanings as we are, and we look forward to adding products you can proudly wear. If you see a product you like but don't care for the branding, consider looking for a "Variant" of the same product. These variants often have the potentially offending branding removed. Though, in some cases, the variant may be the version with the potentially-offending elements added. 

We look forward to providing a viable line of unique, original products featuring our original work that stays faithful to who we are, and who we're marketing toward, and welcome any feedback you may have. 

Will you be at [X metal show, festival, art show]?
The Apocalypse Order is still in its formative stages and our physical presence will remain mostly local for the foreseeable future. If you happen to be near Jacksonville, Florida, you can find us at the Downtown Art Walk each month on the elbow, and you may catch us at local goth nights, shows, and other events. As we grow and expand, you may see us on the road. You may also see our products with other traveling vendors, which will be announced at the time the deal is made.