Hear the Words of the Witch of the Concrete Wastes


... and I hate the scent of this artificial jungle. HEAR MY VOICE -- It is the Call of the Wild. You must break this, the paradigm of the Damned, and in so doing reclaim for yourself the Soul of Man.

You were not made for this menial, complacent life. You were built for a life of Purpose, of Pain, and of Glory! Your body is an engine built for feral and brutal beauty, not for this comforting, convenient lie you've been sold. The destiny of your Soul lies not on the inside, but in the terrifying Wilds of the Outside!

The God of False Progress is DEAD!

The Gods of Modernity are husks bloated with filth and with lies!

I am the Prophet of the Dread and Undying Gods of the Wild -- the very voice of the Silent Scream inside your very soul that stalks, searching for meaning in this Meaningless Waste.

Forsake the Lie, for it makes you fat and sick and complacent! Forsake the Lie which sells your Life into Slavery!

There are no gods outside you! The church and the bank and the TV are drugs meant to sedate you and keep you compliant -- but the Wild Gods awaken! These gods are not external. They are woven into the very fibers of your muscle and wrapped tightly around your bones. They have no names though they answer when called.

The Wild Gods are in You because the Wild Gods are you - and there are no gods without you.

The Wild Gods come. They live in you.

Heed Their Call.

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